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Facebook.com continuously adds new features all the time that are hard to keep track of. Some of the recent features we are yet to see are; the Dashboard that shows you how much time you have spent on Facebook and the Facebook Dating feature that will do matchmaking for you. This post will look at a few hidden features that are currently available to you.

Surprisingly, some of these features are a few clicks away and can be accessed by anyone and everyone. Here’s how:

1. Saving posts for later

Facebook allows you to save posts for later. Have you ever come across a post from a friend or link shared that is intriguing and you want to read it but don’t have time at that particular moment? No need to worry if this has happened to you. Facebook allows you to save posts for later. To access this, click on the three dots in the corner of the post you wish to save (the ellipsis menu) or the “More” button around the post and then choose the “Save Post” from the menu that appears. This will send you a link to this post in your saved folder. The “Saved Folder” is always hidden and appears on the ribbon in your left-hand favorites bar only when you have something saved. A saved post doesn’t expire but might get deleted if the original poster deletes it. Instead of hustling to find a post you wanted to read later, this feature should help quicken things for you.

2. Downloading all your Facebook information

Facebook allows you to download a copy of everything you’ve ever shared through it. Every post, every image, every video, every message, etc., is saved and downloadable. This can simply be done by visiting your “Settings”, clicking on “General” for the “General Account Settings” page which has an option for “Download a copy of your Facebook data” which should give you a copy of all your Facebook information.

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3. Assigning your account a “next of kin”

Facebook allows you to put someone else in charge of your account in case you die. This contact is referred to as the “Legacy Contact”. The Legacy Contact has permission to write a pinned post for your profile, respond to friend requests, change your cover photo and change your profile photo when you die. Death is an unavoidable occurrence and Facebook allows you to prepare for it. This can be done by visiting your “Settings”, click on “General” to launch your General Account Settings page and click on “Manage Account”, click to edit and under the Legacy Contact tab, choose one of your close friends who can handle your digital affairs in future. Facebook will then send an annual reminder to your Legacy Contact notifying them to handle your digital affairs in case you take a while without using it.

4. Finding posts liked by someone on Facebook

Among all features posted here, this is by far the easiest feature to use. Facebook allows you to see posts liked by anyone who hasn’t restricted access. This can be done through the search box, by simply typing “photos liked by” and adding the person who’s liked photos you wish to see. You can search for “photos liked by me” in case you would like to see a list of photos you have liked.  Or simply add “my friends” at the end of “photos liked by” to view photos liked by your friends or “Barrack Obama” to view photos liked by Barrack Obama’s account. (Instead of Obama, insert the account name of a friend or family member you would like to view). You can also go ahead and add something like “from last week” to view specific content for that period.

5. Viewing sent friend requests

Facebook can let you see the people who hate you or don’t want to be your friend. If after sending numerous requests you notice the person you sent your request to updates their status without accepting your request, this can either mean they chose to ignore your request or deleted it. Either way, Facebook allows you to view a list of all the accounts you requested and through this list, you can choose to delete some of these requests. To access this, click on your friend requests icon, a list of friend requests and people you may know appears. Click on “See All” and a list of all received requests will appear if you have any. On this page, click on “View Sent Requests” and a list of all pending requests you sent will be displayed.

Facebook has got a wide range of features and we will keep visiting most of them here. Keep visiting sautitech.com as we uncover more features.

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