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How to access NSSF services on your device

Are you an NSSF member and need to follow up on your account details and progress? You don’t have to schedule meetings or even plan visits to the fund’s offices every now and then to get to know anything.

You can make use of the variety of electronic channels that NSSF has introduced to improve on service delivery, and enable the current and prospective members to access its services, both online and offline.

Through these channels, you can easily view your current balance, analyse your salary growth rate, make contributions, as well as know how much of your salary you contribute to NSSF.

There is also the ability to project and know what your future looks like, get to look into your employer history, track your contributions, and ably manage your NSSF profile.

So how do you access your NSSF account? Let’s look at the various channels.

On a feature phone

If you have a feature phone, popularly known as kabiriti, you don’t have to develop any fear of being left out. NSSF has built an arena of avenues through which you can progressively access the company services with your simple phone.

You can use the USSD code *254# and select the language of choice. From here, you can follow the prompts to proceed with your action.

nssf services via ussd

You can also send an SMS to 6773 or call in to the toll Free Line 0800286773.

On a smartphone/tablet

On top of utilizing the features available on feature phones, smartphone or tablet owners can make use of the NSSF GO App which is available on Google PlayStore and iOS App Store.

Like you’d imagine, the app is simple to use and provides you a convenient, easy and safe way to contact NSSF at any time and from wherever you are.

You can also contact the team via their WhatsApp Line 0784259713.

On a desktop/laptop

From your desktop, you can make use of the NSSF Web App to easily login and get to know your account status in regards to the Fund; as well as the NSSF website to have further understanding of the fund and its operations.

With all these e-channels at your disposal, NSSF has ensured that you can sign up for an account without visiting any service centre, track your savings and claim your money when you qualify all, on the go. The channels also enable you to make voluntary contributions using credit/debit card or mobile money and your account will be credited.

You can also follow NSSF on Facebook or Twitter to engage with their customer support team in case of any queries. Before the introduction of e-channels, it was very difficult for you to track your savings, the tools give you the transparency and confidence that your account is reflecting all the contributions you make and the contribution from your employer.

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How to access NSSF services on your device
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