Afkloud: A fast rising Ugandan local content podcast

want to listen to a ugandan podcast? afkloud is a good choice

The day’s generation is one that loves audio. Regardless of wherever you go, on the move or about town, people find ease in listening in and smiling away. It is for this reason that podcasts are gaining a lot of populace. To make definition of this, podcasts are recorded audio content that you can listen to it at your own convenience from wherever you are.

In Uganda alone, the idea of podcasts is still in its infancy, but for the few that have embraced it – the future is bright. One of these rising podcasts you need to know of is Afkloud.

This is an online platform on which podcasts are hosted and distributed, as well as a platform for streaming a variety of African created podcasts and radio shows. Precisely, Afkloud seeks to amplify African content to the rest of the world.

The podcast sources material locally and uses its own studios in Kampala to create and share it with you. Some of the available content that we found interesting to listen in to was Sports; recorded radio shows (off Radio Simba); and real-life talk shows and episodes.

You have a smartphone? Afkloud has an app available as well. You can get it on App Store if you have an Apple phone or from the Play Store if you have an Android phone.

You can also submit your podcast to Afkloud

Afkloud lets you submit your podcasts to its platform so that you can reach the rich audience it boasts of. Click here to give in your work for review.

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