How to change information on National ID, Birth Certificate in Uganda

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In the process of making these documents, sometimes officials make mistakes or at times you migrate or decide to change details like (your) name and place of residence.

According to NIRA, it is possible to change to change information on a National ID or Birth Certificate.

However, the two processes will cost you money since they are not among the free services offered by NIRA.

Change name on a Birth Certificate

To change a name on a Birth Certificate, you’ll fill Form 6, which can be downloaded from the NIRA website.

After filling the form, you’ll pay to the bank Shs20,000. (Read this article, to learn how to pay for NIRA services online.)

With two bank slips attached to the filled form, you’ll then go to the sub-county or any NIRA offices to complete the process.

You can read about the process of getting a Birth Certificate for the first time here.

Change information on a national ID

If you want to change (add or drop) a name on your National ID, NIRA says you need a deed poll (which can be acquired through a lawyer and be approved by Uganda Registration Services Bureau [URSB]).

You’ll also have to gazette the change of name in the Uganda Gazette.

According to NIRA, to change information on a national ID, you also have to present documents like Birth and Marriage certificates.

The process costs Shs50,000.

These cases are currently being handled by NIRA or any sub-county offices.

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Spelling error

If your ID has a spelling error, you’ll present a statutory declaration duly registered by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

You also need supporting documents like Birth, Baptism, Marriage Certificates, Academic documents, work documents etc.

This will also cost you Shs50,000.

Changing place of residence

If you want to change a place of residence, you will need a letter from the L.C.I chairperson, duly stamped by the DISO (including telephone contacts), confirming citizenship, current residence and the period of time applicant has stayed at the said residence.


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