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How to delete your old (and embarrassing) Facebook posts

We all have stages in social media usage. There are those times when you are a new user, active, and probably updating your status every now and then. Be it a new found love, a new job, school, name it – you’ll find yourself posting it all over social media especially on Facebook.

Then comes a time when you find solace in being of a certain opinion. And probably have to change a thing or two about a post you made a couple of years back. That’s when you’ve maybe lost the love, left the job, or had a not-so-good experience with what you called ‘amazing’.

This is what the Facebook Manage Activity feature is all about. The feature lets you get rid of all your embarrassing old posts. Without having to scroll through the so many posts you made, it lets you select posts from your Activity Log and trash them as you wish.

How to delete your old Facebook posts

You just have to find the Manage Activity feature in your Activity Log. Once you click on the option, you’ll be shown a list of all of your posts. You can then filter your posts by type, date range, or with certain people. You can select each post you no longer want anyone to see.

Once you’ve selected all of the posts you’d rather no one saw, you have the option to Archive or Delete them.

Archive lets you keep the posts, but just hide them from the view of anyone. Delete sends the posts to the trash, but these can remain there for 30 days before being automatically wiped out. Within that time, you can look in the Trash which is marked as an option on the Manage Activity menu and restore any posts you’ve changed your mind about.

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How to delete your old (and embarrassing) Facebook posts
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