Equity Bank Uganda boosts digital services with ‘Supreme Banking’ unit

Equity Bank Supreme Banking

Equity Bank on Thursday rolled out its latest product dubbed Supreme Banking with the first branch set up on Plot 41 of Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb.

This unit of the bank which has an array of cutting-edge offers will cater to high-end clients of the bank.

According to officials, all Supreme Banking outlets will have state-of-the-art lounges, dedicated relationship managers, boardrooms for customers to hold meetings, teleconferencing, and video conferencing facilities and free wireless Internet.

This platform comes as the bank continues to strengthen its digital banking platform, with a number of apps that have been developed to solve wide-ranging banking problems as a way of staying relevant in this continuously disruptive era.

Some of the notable applications that have been unveiled by the Kenyan-headquartered bank in the past few years included the Eazzy Banking app, which facilitates payments, sending and receiving money; Eazzy API allows business people and app developers to easily manage transactions; Eazzy Club is catering to those interested in investment clubs.

The other specialized apps are EazzyNet, EazzyBiz, EazzyPay, Eazzy Remittance, Merchant Acquiring, and EazzyFX is an online foreign exchange platform while Eazzy Loan makes it easier for people to borrow money.

Speaking at the official opening of Supreme Banking branch in Bugolobi, Equity Bank Managing Director, Samuel Kirubi said: “At Equity Bank we are proud to continue the innovation journey geared towards transforming key branches into relationship management centers to offer our customers personalized customer experience.”

Currently, Equity Bank boasts 757554 customers in Uganda and it is eying a million in the coming year and these customers are being served by 38 ATMs across the country, over thirty-five bank branches, 2300 agent outlets (also known as Equi duuka), 1075 PoS terminals. The applications have received over 45000 downloads.

With the above solutions, the bank feels it is easing the way its customers transfer cash, buy items, how business pay workers, handle payments and so on.

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Speaking at the launch, Equity Bank Executive Director Anthony Kituuka encouraged customers to take advantage of the different applications.

“Equity Bank has set its eyes on positioning the outlets as relationship management centers of excellence,” he said.

“Closer proximity to our clients in Bugolobi will allow us to provide them with greater accessibility. The bank also offers extended banking hours during weekdays and weekends for customers. The new branch is in line with the bank’s response to new technologies that are aimed at serving the customers faster and efficiently” said Phillip Otim, Equity Bank communications, and marketing manager.

A 2018 report released by Twaweeza showed that only 17% of the Ugandan population had a bank account, a quite disturbing figure. But with the ever-growing digital banking sector and how easier it’s becoming to open a bank account, it’s going to accelerate the banked population.


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