Features to look out for in Gmail’s next update

Gmail updates

In less than two weeks, Gmail will be getting a new look and new features will be added, according to a recent blog by the email service.

Gmail is set to improve user experience in its next update but users will be left to decide whether to use this update on be redirected to a previous version. This has been the case with the current standard version which lets users with slow connections access the HTML version.

Organize emails in your inbox

You will now have the ability to quickly take action on your messages. When you point to messages in your inbox, Gmail will provide you with options to choose from even without having to open them. This feature will have options like postponing emails to a future date or time that is more convenient.

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Using suggested replies and follow-ups

Aside from the usual vacation responder feature, Gmail will now allow you to set up quick replies to emails using phrases that will show up based on the message received.

Customizable inbox

With this update, you will be able to expand or shrink your inbox. You will be able to change how spacious or compact you want your inbox to be. To make room for previewing your email, you will be able to expand or shrink your inbox view by clicking Menu and this will also allow you to “Show or hide the Menu”.

Gmail updates

Illustration via Gmail


How to try out the new Gmail

Before it rolls out officially, you can try out the new Gmail on your device by simply logging into your account on the computer. Once your account opens, you can then click on settings in the top right corner and then click on “Try the new Gmail”.

Gmail updates

Illustration via Gmail


If you change your mind, you can click Settings and then choose “Go back to classic Gmail” which should return you to the version you are used to.


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