From experience: No sir, you don’t know marketing


“Let the baker bake your dough, even if he eats half of the bread” – Arabic Proverb

Over and over again, I get to meet business people who go far with the DIY (Do It Yourself) strategy. Some of them call it cutting costs, other think it is being clever. I call it “WASTE”.

The other day, I got this call from a respected business owner asking for help in marketing his business. To be precise, he wanted his business promoted on Social Media.

What I found out, as usual, the gentleman has already undergone the grinder, and invested around $2,800 in 20 days without being able to determine any return!

His Facebook page was full of poor visuals irrelevant to the brand; bad copy-writing littered the captions.

The page was more like a cemetery with 7,000 dead page fans that aren’t interested in any of the content displayed and it can be seen in the low reach posts are getting with an expected ZERO interaction.

Also, unanswered comments and messages added some decoration to the failing marketing canvas.

The poor man spent much of his time and energy trying to figure out ways of running his page, rather than concentrating on running his business.

He turned himself into an employee who works for himself.

Fortunately, he was desperate enough to close the deal during our first meeting and I was merciful enough to suggest a monthly budget less than what he spent in those 20 black days.

Marketing is a major part of your business, it’s a speciality that needs accumulating experience to be done effectively and produce results.

Doing it right will please you, doing it wrong will leave you broken-hearted!

This was only one of the dozens of similar incidents that I face regularly and I hope writing about it can make a difference. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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