NIRA: What you need to get a Birth Certificate in Uganda

get a birth certificate in Uganda

National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has made it possible for one to apply and get a Birth Certificate online.

This system has been available since 2011. And you can also use it to apply for a Death Certificate.

But there are requirements you need before you embark on the process to get a Birth Certificate in Uganda.

According to NIRA, the requirements to obtain a Birth Certificate are copies of national identity cards of both parents, a birth notification record from the place of birth and a copy of your National ID if you are an adult.

You’ll also be charged Shs5,000 which is paid to the bank. (Read this article to learn how to pay for NIRA services online)

The form you’ll fill to get a Birth Certificate can be downloaded here.

In some situations, you are asked to bring a police letter.

If you encounter problems during the process, you can call NIRA on the number provided below or contact them through their different social media channels.

After filling the forms, take them to NIRA offices or your sub-county headquarters.


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