Google Maps ‘location sharing’ now reveals your battery life

Google Maps

In the past, people have been sharing their location details with friends in order to find them by following Google maps. But when your friend fails to find you and does not call you back, you start to worry. You start asking yourself what could have gone wrong.

Google has noticed this and is rolling out a new update to Google Maps that will share your battery level along with your location details, according to TechCrunch.

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Users will now have to worry less when a friend’s phone blacks out in the middle of trying to locate them. From now on, when someone is trying to locate you and suddenly stops communicating, you will at least have an idea as to why they have stopped communicating if their battery was about to black out.

The new feature first made itself known, back in February in a Google Maps beta version v9.71. You can have access to this new feature by updating your application from Google Play Store and on the App Store for iOS users.

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