You can now schedule your tweets on Twitter. Here’s how!

You’ve always wanted to send out your tweets later, and can’t stand always checking into Tweetdeck, the feature is now available. For quite some time, Twitter has been working on the tweet scheduling feature and the fruits are now visible.

This feature has begun rolling out in phases to users, thus saving us the switching back and forth to manage future tweets. Account managers and brand managers will tell you how tweet scheduling is key in achieving their goals and KPIs. Once the feature finally settles on the app, it will sure be a great tool for more activity and conversation.

How to schedule your tweets on Twitter

When you open the tweet composer, you can find the feature by clicking the three-dot icon next to the emoji button. Once you click on it, you will see the Schedule button.

With the feature available, you can easily schedule tweets to be posted at a specific date and time. Also on is a scheduling window that lets you view all your scheduled tweets.

In the event that you need to make some urgent changes, you can also access and edit the scheduled tweets right from the tweet composer.

Twitter is doing slow public rollout. In the event that you have not yet go the feature, you should be patient. It’s on the way!

If you can recall, there are still some features we are waiting to see on Twitter this 2020. Hope the coronavirus does not change the app’s mind on them. 

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You can now schedule your tweets on Twitter. Here’s how!
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