Job hunting eased as Fuzu launches in Uganda

Fuzu, a digital job placement platform, has launched its services in Uganda. Held Thursday morning at Design Hub in Kampala, the launch featured panelists Patrick Ayota, the deputy managing director NSSF; Elton Mutize, a transformation coach and founder of Paradigm — a training organization; and Michael Niyitegeka, a consultant program director (applied ICT) at Clarke International University.

Currently, statistics indicate that more that 80% of the youth in Uganda are unemployed and forty-thousand annual graduates are only presented with 10,000 jobs.

The founders of the Fuzu platform say they are aiming at streamlining the job recruitment process by bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.

From the job seekers’ perspective, most applicants face challenges such as; finding available job opportunities, getting accepted based on connection rather than merit, and lack of feedback after submitting applications.

Employers on the other hand claim CVs have failed to attract top talent based on skills required. Patrick Ayota says most applicants cannot write CVs that reflect skills required by employers but instead fill CVs with irrelevant information.

Employers also receive numerous applications that are difficult to sort and also lack feedback tools to respond to applicants. This, in turn, has increased the resources organization spend on the job recruitment process.

With Fuzu, however, job seekers can upload their CVs on the platform and also specify their career field of interest.

The platform also notifies them on opportunities available based on their career.

Furthermore, the platform also offers personal training and enrichment of one’s career path through the provision of free online courses and tests of one’s field of interest aimed at equipping seekers with more skills for the job market.

On the side of employers-slash-managers, organizations can post job opportunities available on the platform which are automatically advertised to the target job seekers through Artificial Intelligence.

When job seekers send in their applications, Fuzu then provides shortlists of qualified candidates for the employer from which they can accept or reject submitted applications saving the time that would be spent on looking through the all applications.

Apart from smoothening the job recruitment process, Fuzu enables managers to manage their employees through training workers by uploading customized organic organization content and warehouse development for future job placements.


The FUZU platform has various subscriptions, ranging from monthly to annual packages depending on the jobs available for an organization.

For starters, the company has provided voucher codes that organization can try out for this month.

For job seekers, the platform is free of charge apart from an instant feedback feature that provides information on how one ranks amongst the other applicants for a specific job opportunity.

In collaboration with 25 launch partners such as: Microsoft, KCCA, MUBS, ICTAU, Safeboda, Mercy Corps and liquid Telecom, Fuzu will help job seekers and employers in finding each other, in improving the efficiency of the job market and nurturing Ugandan talent.

According to Rachel, the operations manager at Fuzu, the platform currently has 420,000 users in its database from only Kenya and the Middle East and is set to expand to other countries in Africa, Nigeria being their next stop.

The platform can be accessed through on your web browser and is set to launch its mobile applications soon.


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