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How to lock your Facebook profile from public view

Are you the kind that does not want everyone to easily have access to your Facebook profile with just a search of your name? Well, you could have the answer here. The Facebook app has a feature that lets you lock your profile, preventing anyone that is not your friend from seeing anything about it. This includes photos or posts shared on the page, or even expanding the profile picture.

The feature is currently on roll out in India and is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of women users. However, even men can easily opt for the locked profile feature. Apparently, the feature comes as a successor of the profile picture guard, and has been reinvented after looking into account feedback from users.

To lock your Facebook profile, go to the profile and tap on the more options button. From here, select Lock Profile. You should be taken through exactly what locking a profile means after which you can accept to lock your profile. Once the profile lock is enabled, other users will only be able to see just the profile pictures of the person, but will not be able to expand it or see anything else on the page. A blue badge will show that the profile is locked.

On your side, you will not be able to post publicly. A pop up will appear reminding you that the profile is locked. A public post will be possible only once the profile is unlocked again. Also, you can still be tagged on other people’s posts, but these will not appear on your timeline till you allow it.

Facebook activity in CoVID-19 Lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak and the consequential lockdown has seen apps like Facebook an increase in usage and customer interaction. Facebook has utilized the time to effectively roll out more features to its products, including the ability to create your own avatars.

The company also increased the limits of the number of people that can simultaneously be present in a group video call. Facebook also announced the Rooms feature recently and integrated it into Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Portal, and WhatsApp.

It also rolled out Dark Mode to all its apps and websites. The social media firm launched a standalone Facebook Gaming app, added Quiet Mode to its mobile app, and introduced standalone Facebook Messenger apps for macOS and Windows.

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How to lock your Facebook profile from public view
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