Govt creates online platform for job applications in oil and gas sector

Petroleum Authority of Uganda creates National Oil and Gas Talent Register

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has created an online portal where Ugandans who intend to get jobs and contracts in the oil and gas sector will apply from.

Dubbed the National Oil and Gas Talent Register, the portal is one of the measures to ensure and keep track of participation of Ugandans in the lucrative nascent sector.

Ms. Peninah Aheebwa, the Petroleum Authority of Uganda director for technical support services, said the new online portal will include job listings in the sector across the board, from oil companies to service providers.

“We are registering all Ugandans who are competent. We have [more than] 400 job profiles in the system. Some of the profiles are technical, support while others are basic,” Ms. Aheebwa said at the weekend.

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The roll-out of the National Oil and Gas Talent Register comes towards the commencement of the development and construction phase of the country’s oil and gas sector, which will see the peak of manpower requirements of the sector.

Mr Ernest Rubondo, the Petroleum Authority of Uganda executive director, said activity in the oil sector is picking up, urging people to continue skilling themselves.

“In 2016, investment was about $100m, in 2017, it was about $140m and for 2018, it looks like it will be $428m,” he said, adding: “Every place where the oil and gas sector is, there is an up and downturn so whether you are supplying goods and services, or employed in the sector, you have to predict and be aware that that time will come.”


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