NIRA: What to do when your fingerprint was inaccurately captured during registration


During the registration for the national ID, officials usually scan thumbprints as part of the biodata they feed into the national registry system.

However, for some people, their fingerprints were inaccurately scanned and they normally encounter challenges when using electronic systems that require thumbprints, say, SIM card registration.

For instance, one Mary Apolot recently complained to NIRA that she couldn’t purchase a sim card because the telecom carrier couldn’t capture her fingerprint.

In response, NIRA told Opolot that they’ve assigned a desk to handle such cases at their head office in Kololo. It is the only NIRA facility that handles such cases.

In a follow-up interview, a NIRA official told us that the service is free. But they charge a fee of Shs50,000 when the process requires replacing the national ID.


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