UCC wants online publishers, influencers to pay Shs73800 to operate in Uganda

Ibrahim Bbossa online publishers
Ibrahim Bbossa, the head of public relations at UCC. Image credit: New Vision

Uganda communications commission (UCC) kicked off an initiative to register publications and people who use online space for communication services and commercial businesses, New Vision reported on Monday.

According to the report, the initiative targets blogs, the so-called social media influencers, online news platforms and radios and televisions that operate online.

They’ll be required to pay US$20 (about Shs73800) to acquire a license, reports the New Vision.

Over forty online publishers have already completed the process, according to the New Vision.

Section 6(e) of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 defines online data communication services as a communication service for which one requires an authorization from the commission and all persons currently offering or desirous for providing online data communication services.

UCC spokesman told the New Vision that the process is being undertaken to keep the online publishers in check.

“Online publishers and influencers who have reached a capacity of sharing communication content and also using the online publication for commercial business are required to register with the regulator that is UCC,” Ibrahim Bbossa, the head of public relations at UCC said, according to the New Vision.

“With the growing entity of online publishers, we realized it was important to register these individuals so as they are mindful of the law and regulations as they publish their content to the public.”

He said that it was important to regulate these publishers since they can easily produce content that leads to misinformation or incites violence.


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