Opinion: In digital marketing, relationships come first


You are on a busy street, you head to someone randomly, hand them your business card and start explaining your business to them. How did that sound?

Well, it’s the same when you use your social media pages to promote your services to everyone without connecting and engaging with them first to break the ice and winning their interest.

“Social Media is about the people, not about your business” – Matt Goulart

We always face this dogma with our dear clients. Trying to sell their products and services comes first when we are discussing together their social media content strategy, and this is why we work on changing their priorities:

– People on social media aren’t there to shop, they are there to enjoy their time, learn, connect with people they know and follow topics that interest them.

– In order to attract more subscribers, social media platforms are always biased to the user’s side and tend to show users what interests them as content.

If your content is always promotional, your users won’t appreciate it and you’ll lose their interest. This will lead to very low visibility for your content.

– As Maya Angelo said, people may forget anything you said or did to them, but they will never forget the way you let them feel.

This is why social media is a perfect place to deliver an experience rather than delivering a product.

It’s more about being effective in marketing than directly selling your products.

Social media is a very effective way of marketing, but we shall never forget that it’s about being “Social”; promoting your products can be one of the goals of your presence there, but connecting, engaging and building a strong bond with people stays the major goal.

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