2019 Pay TV Packages and Prices: Which is the best deal?

pay tv packages and prices

2019 is in its final quarter and as we head into the festive season, setting the right entertainment mood comes in handy. Much of this revolves about television and music, with the former more captivating given the programming sequence it comes with and the advantage of visual content.

The competition has brought a list of pay television service providers to the Ugandan market offering content that varies from sports, movies, soaps, local stations, and even kids programming. Let’s take a look at how each TV house is priced, the packages available, and any promotions ongoing.

DStv Uganda packages and prices

DStv recently slashed its package prices in a bid to pull back customers that had quit the ordinary TV programming. It is evident that much as the brand is a lot ahead of its pay-TV competition, it faces a stiffer competitor in online streaming platforms like Netflix.

So, as per the revised rates, the Premium package costs UGX 219,000; the Compact Plus package UGX 129,000; the Compact package costs UGX 79,000 and the Family package UGX 49,000. The Access bouquet remains at UGX 33,000 while the full kit goes for UGX 149,000.

GOtv Uganda package prices

GOtv, a sister brand to DStv, also saw some of its bouquet prices fall – with the Max package now costing UGX 39,000; the GOtv Plus package going for UGX 26,000; and the Value package costing UGX 16,000.

There is also a Lite package that costs UGX 11,000 per month, UGX 25,000 for 3 months, and UGX 70,000 for a year. A full kit costs UGX 89,000.

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Zuku TV bouquets and prices

Zuku offers satellite television at a vastly affordable rate, with a wide range of programming channels available for the interest. A full kit goes for UGX 142,000 and the bouquets you get are: Premium at UGX 36,500; Classic at UGX 26,500; Smart Plus at UGX 16,000; and Smart at UGX 12,000.

Azam TV packages and prices

Azam TV has three offers available in Uganda – the Play which goes for UGX 37,000 per month; the Plus costing UGX 25,000 monthly; and Pure which costs UGX 10,000 per month. You can get a full kit at UGX 199,000.

StarTimes Uganda bouquets and prices

The Nova bouquet costs UGX 11,000 monthly; UGX 3,500 weekly; and UGX 1000 daily. The Basic which costs UGX 20,000 Monthly; UGX 6,600 weekly; and UGX 2000 daily; while the Classic which costs UGX 26,000 monthly; UGX 12,000 weekly; UGX 3000 daily.

A full StarTimes kit costs UGX 76,000 while the HD Decoder, Dish & Accessories cost UGX 134,000.

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