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How to set a bedtime reminder on YouTube

Sometimes watching videos can become addictive and even elevate to being a time consumer. In a bid to help you manage your time better, YouTube is adding a bedtime reminder feature to its mobile apps.

The feature, like you’d imagine, allows you to set specific times when you want to see a reminder to stop watching videos and go to bed. It is all up to you. The reminder can interrupt your video watching or can wait until the video finishes – based on your setting. 

YouTube has made the feature only available on mobile devices – Android and iPhones, but not iPads.

How to set a YouTube bedtime reminder

Sign in to YouTube by opening your mobile app, and then go to Settings. Turn Remind me when it’s time for bed on or off. Then, select a start and end time for the reminder.

You can also turn on the bedtime reminder by tapping your YouTube profile picture, and then going to Time Watched

If you want to finish your video before seeing the bedtime reminder, select Wait until I finish my video to show reminder when setting up.

You can snooze your bedtime reminder, which will temporarily turn off the reminder for 10 minutes. Your video will start again without interruption. After 10 minutes, the reminder will appear again.

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How to set a bedtime reminder on YouTube
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