You can now stream Facebook Live videos on the Lite App

facebook live is now available on lite app

Despite making it easy to access your Facebook account in whichever internet connection, using the Facebook Lite app has seemed a distance away from the experience with the main app. A number of features including Facebook Live streaming were yet to be considered for the light-weight version.

Now, in the latest development, there will be a global rollout of the Live feature to Facebook Lite, for access to people with weaker internet connections or older devices. There are also four updates that have been made to suit page administrators that want to do live coverage.

Updates to Facebook Live

Facebook wants to make it easier for creators to make rehearsals of their live broadcasts. A new feature ‘Rehearsals’ feature will allow them to publish videos only visible to Page administrators and editors. Additionally, publishers will also be able to trim the beginning and the end of a live video, using a trimming tool, which allows for the specification of when exactly the broadcast starts or stops.

Facebook is also extending the maximum duration for Live broadcasts from four hours to eight hours to favor the broadcast of events like sports matches. Publishers can also use apps on Live that broadcast simultaneously to other online streaming services.

Updates to Facebook Watch Party

Page admins will now also be able to schedule Watch Parties, which creates an announcement post where interested followers can opt-in to be notified if they want to watch videos with members of the same group. Better still, Facebook will avail replays to group broadcasts for those that missed the live session.

It is for this that Pages’ ability to monitor viewer metrics has been beefed up, adding the ability to see the watch time accrued in a Watch Party and the total number of unique users that stayed in a party for at least 60 seconds. Pages can also tag their business partners in branded content¬†Watch Parties so that both parties can see insights on the performance of the Watch Party.

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