Telegram bringing group video calls this 2020

telegram group video calls

2020 will go on record as not just a year of coronavirus lockdown and quarantining, but also as one where video calls and conferencing was at its peak. Various apps have proven to have what it takes to deliver the basic communication tools for remote working and telecommuting all over the world.

Tech consumers drew closer to social media apps for refuge and to more easily connect with friends and family. These apps, in a bid to contain the increasing traffic, also came up with drastic measures that keep on revolving every other day.

The latest to say something about video calls is Telegram. In a blog post to mark reaching 400 million users per month, the company announced that it is working on delivering ‘secure group video calls’ this 2020.

What’s next, you might ask? The current global lockdown highlighted the need for a trusted video communication tool. Video calls in 2020 are much like messaging in 2013. There are apps that are either secure or usable, but not both. We’d like to fix that, and we will focus on bringing you secure group video calls in 2020.

We can only wait to see how the feature will be delivered on the app.

Video calling developments in 2020

Microsoft added new features to its Skype video calling service. You can now join cross-platform video conferences without the need for an account, or without even having to download any software. The interface lets you start calls with just a single click.

Facebook launched a Messenger app for MacOS and Windows to let users easily video chat on their desktop computers and stay connected with friends and family anywhere across the globe.

Group calls over WhatsApp in the recent weeks have been a lot more. This is highly because of the less physical meetings and the global lockdown to contain the coronavirus. It is the reason that the app had applied some changes to the Call button in groups.

The lockdown situation will also be remembered for the time when Zoom faced global hacks into ongoing classes and meetings.

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