Uber Lite unveiled in Uganda

Uber Lite Uganda Uber female driver

Uber Lite, a light version of the Uber application has been rolled out in Uganda to cater to people with a poor network connection, limited data, storage space, and mobile phones with slow speeds and poor batteries.

The application, only available for Android users, can be downloaded with just 5MB (way smaller than the main Uber app which is 45MBs large.)

On the phone, Uber Lite will need just 25MB of your ROM.

The application, which has a 300-millisecond response time, was first launched in Kenya and South Africa and it is now available in Uganda and Tanzania.

Uber Lite is designed to work on any Android device from 4.1 Jellybean and above.

Uber rolled out its operations in Kampala in 2016 and it currently offers boda- and car-taxi-hailing services.

To download the application, go to the PlayStore and type ‘Uber Lite’.


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