Where to go for replacement of a national ID in Uganda

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When you lose your national ID or damage it, you need to replace it. But do you know which offices to contact for replacement of a national ID in Uganda?

According to NIRA, if you want to replace a lost or damaged national ID, you’ll visit the offices of the district where you registered for your first ID from.

And those in Kampala, if you don’t want to travel upcountry, NIRA says you can go to their head offices at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds. (Also see: NIRA relocates Kampala office)

For replacement of a national ID, you’ll be charged Shs50,000. (The money is paid at any URA revenue collection bank such as Bank of Africa, Diamond Trust Bank, Stanbic, Barclays, Orient, etc. [Remember, the fees are exclusive of bank charges].)

The form you’ll fill to replace your ID can be downloaded from the NIRA website or picked from either of the aforementioned offices.

You’ll also need a report from the police indicating that you lost your national ID.

Remember, you need a national ID to apply for an ePassport, acquire a sim card among other important documents in Uganda.


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