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UNCDF, SafeBoda launch platform for grocery home delivery

As the coronavirus pandemic causes a global shift, many countries, including Uganda, have had to go on lockdown. This has meant that many small businesses, which is a life line for many people in this country, have had to close their physical shop and find new ways to stay operational or risk losing their businesses.

For many, this has meant transitioning to the online space, something only a few businesses can do.

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and SafeBoda Uganda announced a partnership to provide an e-commerce platform that will connect market vendors to customers during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown and beyond.

Targeting an initial 800 market vendors, this e-commerce platform will connect the market vendors to households that need a range of supplies by using the pre-existing reliable SafeBoda transport service.

Through such innovative partnerships, UNCDF is able to catalyse the growth of the digital economy in Uganda by empowering populations that have been left behind to go digital and access previously out-of-reach digital solutions.

These can help to keep their businesses afloat, whilst ensuring that households do not run out of food supplies – much more presently in temporary transport ban as coronavirus mitigation lockdown.

safeboda market

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, SafeBoda assured customers that they are making sure that their 18,000 SafeBoda riders and the growing community of entrepreneurs such as food and market vendors and shopkeepers can continue to provide for their families.

We are therefore making food and grocery delivery safe during this COVID19 pandemic and lock down. This is important to us because safety and community has always been our priority. In addition to this all deliveries will be free.”

The adoption of local markets on the platform is another way the app is supporting the different market vendors.

UNCDF, SafeBoda launch platform for grocery home delivery
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