Another European ride-hailing company to launch in Uganda

Taxido driver

Taxido, a ride-hailing service based in Camberwell in the United Kingdom is looking for motorcycle riders and drivers as it prepares to roll out its services in Kampala.

Taxido, which is already operating in USA, UK, Canada, Zimbabwe, and Kenya, will be the first ride-hailing company to launch both motorcycle and car taxi services at the same time in Kampala. Other companies like Uber and Taxify, which is also a European company, have done this at intervals.

The company’s move could be informed by the recent reports that most ride-hailing companies were making more money in motorcycle taxi services than in cars.

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In Uganda, the most popular ride-hailing companies are SafeBoda, Taxify, Uber, and DialJack. LittleRide, a Kenyan company, and MondoRide, based in Dubai, launched in Kampala but they are yet to gain popularity in the market.

Perusing through their website, all information indicates that there is nothing special Taxido is bringing across. Officials have told us that they’ll be launching in Uganda on September 27 after launching in Kenya on September 18.

The company kicked off operations this year. The app can be accessed by people using phones running on either iPhone or Android operating systems.

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