Nataliey Bitature: How millennials can improve social and economic life

Bitature Nataliey

Simba Group Chief of Staff Bitature Nataliey has advice every millennial needs to consider.

She says the world is better than it has ever been before but for millennials to benefit from the vast opportunities available so as to grow themselves socially and economically, they need to have a mentor.

She says a mentor should be “someone you admire and want to be like in the future to come.”

According to Bitature Nataliey — who is also a co-founder of Musana Carts and Energrow, millennials need to “ask the older generation questions, not only to learn more but because they always have good ideas that can help you grow in life.”

In case you have doubts on whether you should be taking advice from her, here are a few other things you need to know about her apart from being a top executive at one of Uganda’s biggest companies and managing some of the fast-rising startups in the country.

She holds a master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School, she got certified in leadership at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) and for her bachelor’s degree, she studied Business Management and Education Studies at Keele University.

In 2018, Bitature Nataliey was among four Ugandans that featured in Forbes Africa Under 30 and in 2016, the World Economic Forum named her among the Top 5 African Innovators. The profile goes on.

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Work together

Bitature also advises millennials to work together and pass on the skills they have to their colleagues.

“You should also have a peer in order to learn more from each other,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“It is also important to have someone you can teach so that you can pass on important information to more young people and reinforce what you have learnt.”

As for companies employing millennials, she advises them to invest heavily in training them (millennials).

“As for an employer who intends to hire millennials or has already hired them, it is key to train your workers thoroughly and enhance their skills for the growth of your organization/company,” she says.

“Encourage the managers to train your workers instead of firing them and make sure you create an environment where they can ask for help and make sure you support them.”

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