Nataliey Bitature: How to build character for success in business, life

Nataliey Bitature build character

“Knowledge will give you power, but character respect,” Bruce Lee once said. Have you ever wondered what people, especially those you spend a lot of time with, feel about you?

If someone came across your friends and asked them about you, do you think they would give a negative or positive impression of you?

To always feel safe, in this article we reproduce comments recently made by serial entrepreneur Nataliey Bitature on character building.

If you are an avid reader of SautiTech, she needs no introduction. But for the first-time reader, this Forbes-honoured entrepreneur has also shared insights on building self-confidence, being the best version of you as an entrepreneur and how millennials can kick ass in life.

Build character in small steps

According to Nataliey Bitature, your personality is constructed on the small decisions you make at any time in life.

“How you build character is about how you make small decisions every day. Your character is based on choices you make every day because that becomes your habits which become your behavior… and that is [the] character that you carry with yourself every day whether it’s in the workplace or in a personal setting,” she says.

“I would say it’s important to build on this because your reputation counts based on your character.”

Set the tone

When you are looking for a job, prospective employers ask for referees; when you are pitching investors, they’ll do due diligence before writing a check; when looking for the better half, you’ll dig into their past to know what you are going for.

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So, what does Bitature say? Show people the best possible version of you.

“So, everything that you do in your career is based on what people know of you, what they heard of you; if you are associated with a good thing or a negative thing,” she says, adding: “And it’s important to proactively build your character.”

Forget social preconditioning

We are raised by different people and grow up in cultures scripted on divergent norms. But when it comes to living and work, you’ve to be open minded since you’ve to deal with people that are differently wired than you.

“You can’t just rely on the morals you grew up with as a child and as an adult you’ve to have your own boundaries, your own lines: what you’ll not cross – I’ll not be the kind of person that does this. It’s all about your integrity and what people can rely on you for,” she says.

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