Digital Earth ventures into geographical innovations

Digital Earth

Digital Earth, an organization concerned with contemporary technological innovations is organizing a fellowship opportunity for different artists and designers.

The 15 participants in the imminent fellowship will embark on a journey to examine, challenge and respond to the material and immaterial conditions of technology through investigating the current technological reality.

The Digital Earth fellowship is to run from September 2018 until February 2019, and it is an opportunity for artists and designers based in Africa or Asia but working across a variety of media.

According to their website, the 6-month long fellowship is a unique research support programme that supports experienced artists to reflect, research, experiment and produce work related to the geographical innovations.

It will focus on the geographical mess of old and new routes that connect Asia to Africa, crossing the Middle East and Central Asia reflecting the land and maritime trajectories that shaped the regional and intercontinental balances of power and culture.

These routes today are, however, crossed by goods, people and data at speeds faster than ever, through a circuit of ports, mines, airports, refineries, high-speed railways, fiber optic cables and mobile antennas.

The organization believes that more than anywhere else, digital and material trails can be followed through different sovereignties, cultures, and latitude are hopefully unraveled.

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How to apply

Applications are to be written in English and digitally submitted to [email protected] by 19 August 2018.

Applicants are also required to submit a well-written project proposal with maximum of 2 pages, documentation of recent work dating back not longer than 5 years of at least 25 pages, 1 or 2 images per page and a budget for 6 months.

Possible topics to explore

The infrastructure of Mongolian crypto-mining, the performativity of the robot-ports on the Siberian coastline, the soundscapes of the coltan mines in the heartlands of Congo and the cultural protocols of Freeport zones are among the projects.

Others include the aesthetics of satellite imagery, the agency of mechanic vision, the political imaginations of geo-engineering projects and several others.

Fellowship benefits

Participants will be paid to enable them research and produce work in a specific geographic location in Africa or Asia, for 6 month. The payment will be based on the cost of living of the country where the research will take place.

Participants will also have access to a research and production infrastructure consisting of a network of researchers, (online) theory and practice courses, research institutes, exhibition venues, creative hubs, art biennales, residencies and companies.

A mentor will also be availed to participants and a chance to practice with other fellows during sessions on Google Hangouts. Final works and research findings will be exhibited in 2019 or 2020 in a roaming exhibition


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