SafeBoda refunds customers after fixing ‘overcharge bug’

SafeBoda customers SafeBoda Kenya was launched in June 2018 and in their latest announcement, the Ugandan grown ride-hailing firm said it had registered over 600 riders in Kenya.

In the past few weeks, SafeBoda has encountered some technical glitches, and one of such malfunctions has been where a customer would be charged a higher price than expected.

This prompted a series of social media outbursts, calling out the company to sort out the problem.

And on Friday, SafeBoda announced that they had fixed the problem, revealing that they would also be refunding customers who had been affected after reporting the specifics.

“We have fixed the overcharge app bug!” posted SafeBoda on Twitter. “Dear Customers, over the last couple of weeks, some customers may have experienced a trip overcharge on the app. However, we are happy to inform you that this bug has now been fixed. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.”

Added SafeBoda, “We aim to give customers the best service at a fair price, every time. All reported cases were duly refunded. Thank you for your patience. For any queries kindly inbox us.”

This is one of several other extensive steps the company is taking, judging by recent announcements, to boost their services amidst the continuously changing digital motorcycle taxi industry.

As part of boosting their customer services, the company has in the last two or so weeks been calling their riders to retrain them.

SafeBoda is also trying to reinforce the technical team by setting up an engineering hub in Europe on top of more hires being conducted in East Africa.


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