SAUTIplus launched to ease access to reproductive health information

Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) on Friday rolled out SAUTIplus, a mobile application that allows youths to access timely and accurate information on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) on Friday rolled out SAUTIplus, a mobile application that allows youths to access timely and accurate information on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights “in a convenient manner”, adding it to a growing list of tools the organization is using to empower the young generation.

RAHU is a youth-centered non-profit organization focusing on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on livelihoods and skills development, behavior change communication, sexual reproductive and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

On a lively Friday evening, spiced with cocktails and enchanting music, SAUTIplus was unveiled to eager youths who attended the launch at Next Media Services head office on located on Kiira Road in Kamwokya, Kampala.

The application has been designed with eye-catching colors and themes that resonate well with the target audience. The language used in the videos, text, and podcasts is also appealing to young people.

In a world where it is increasingly becoming hard to feel private on the web, SAUTIplus is designed in a such a way that your privacy will be protected and you’re not afraid of getting exposed after asking about things you would not want anyone else to know about apart from the expert.

Speaking at the launch, Humphrey Nabimanya, the founder and team leader, RAHU said the application is an innovative milestone in the organization’s continuous effort to find effective ways of communicating with young people.

“We are always innovating and finding new ways to reach young people. The SAUTIplus application will go a long way in helping us achieve this. It is an innovative one-stop mobile app for young people to receive information on Sexual Reproductive Health, livelihood, entrepreneurship and other opportunities in a language that they understand,” said Nabimanya.

“The information on it is in various forms such as 60-second educative videos, street casts, blogs, and podcasts. There is also a tab for a counselor to offer solutions to the challenges of young people.”

Features of the app

The application has 10 sections (features) and they are Wall, which shows the latest additions (videos, blogs, podcasts); Topics, which you’ll click to access the topics that are being discussed; Senga, where you’ll learn from questions that Senga has been responding to. You’re also free to shoot a question.

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There is also Proggie, where you are updated on events RAHU is planning; Vidz, where you will find all the videos that have been created by RAHU; Fotoz features stunning photography from events; Radio has all the audio broadcasts.

You’ll also find inspiring quotes and a list of referral centers to contact for information on reproductive health.

If you don’t want to use the app, which is limited to Android users, you can check out the website.

MTV Shuga

While launching SAUTIplus, RAHU also announced the new season of MTV Shuga Down South, a television series that uses sexual-health messaging with gripping storylines exploring the issues of sexual relationships between young people against a backdrop of continuing HIV infections.

The youth-focused series fosters discussions around the issues of unplanned pregnancy and HIV/AIDS on the continent and other youth-centered issues such as abusive relationships, sexual assault and so much more.


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