Bodawerk, Divine Bamboo honored as SET Award 2019 winners are unveiled

SET Award 2019 winners Divine Nabaweesi

2 Ugandan startups Bodawerk and Divine Bamboo are among the winners at Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award 2019, a project implemented by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council.

They were awarded during the SET Tech Festival on April 9 in Berlin. The event is organized for start-ups, established energy companies and investors.

Divine Bamboo, a social enterprise promoting environmental conservation by generating fuel from local Bamboo, beat OffGridBox from the US and SunSawang form Thailand to win a gong in the category of Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG7.

Divine Bamboo cofounders Maria Nampijja and Divine Nabaweesi received the award on behalf of the company.

Bodawerk, an engineering startup developing solutions for the mobility industry, floored Einride from Sweden and Parking Energy from Finland to bag the Innovative Mobility award.

The company was represented by Jakob Hornbach, the chief executive officer and Ben Lokeris, the chief communications officer.

Initially, organizers say, more than 450 companies from 80 countries had applied and only 15 made it to the final pitching competition.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Andreas Kuhlmann, dena Chief Executive said: “The winners of the SET Award 2019 show, together with many applicants, how we can advance energy transition and climate protection with fresh ideas.

“This is the spirit we need for the future. Our global network is growing. All founders who want to make the world a better, smarter and greener place are cordially invited to join us.”

On his part, Christoph Frei, the secretary general of the World Energy Council said: “The SET Award 2019 illustrates the depth of experience, commitment, and vision driving the innovators who will transform the future of energy. All the finalists should be proud of their achievements and the winners have a bright future to look forward to.”

Below are other SET Award 2019 winners

Enapter, Germany (Category 1: Low-Carbon Energy Production): Enapter designs and manufactures highly efficient hydrogen generators. The core technology is an Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM), which enables the safe and low-cost production of hydrogen.

Hydrogen can be used in a versatile and flexible way, as energy storage, as fuel in vehicles, as raw material in industry or as fuel for heating, especially in areas and regions where direct electrification is difficult to realize. The goal is to make hydrogen cheaper than natural gas.

Planet Ark Power, Australia (Category 2: Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security): Planet Ark Power has developed a technology that allows more solar power to be integrated into the distribution grid.

With a high proportion of decentralised photovoltaic systems, voltage fluctuations can occur which endanger grid stability. The Planet Ark Power system, a combination of power converter and artificial intelligence, manages the voltage at the source.

This is an important element in optimising the distribution grid and paves the way for the further expansion of decentralised solar power generation.

Blixt, Sweden (Category 3: Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage): Blixt develops circuit breakers that enable numerous smart metering and smart grid solutions. Conventional miniature circuit breakers mechanically protect electrical circuits from overload.

The Blixt breaker can also communicate digitally, collect data and measure and control current flows. It combines the functions of a breaker, remote control and smart meter all in one.

It has great potential for energy transition. The increasing electrification in many areas will thus become more efficient, safer and digitally controllable.


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