Uganda’s Maarifasasa to showcase VR education solution at major Norway tech fete

Founder and Chief Hustler of Maarifasasa Robert Bob Okello aaa

Ugandan EdTech startup Maarifasasa Limited has been invited to attend Katapult Future Fest 2019 in Oslo, Norway.

The event will run from May 14-17. In an email to this website, Robert Bob Okello, the company founder said that aside from attending the festival, they’ll also participate in a pitching competition against “50+ impact startups from across the world.”

Maarifasasa is a socially conscious education technology company with a vision to be the leader of an experience age education revolution in Africa, reads Okello’s email, which adds that the startup has also developed a Virtual Reality solution for education that “ensures easy accessibility of immersive and experiential learning opportunities for learners in Uganda’s schools.”

Katapult Future Fest (KFF) is a non-profit event created to target the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the use of exponential technologies and impact investing.

Some of the benefits of attending the fete include networking with fellow entrepreneurs and investors, exhibiting to a huge audience and listening to wide-ranging discussions from experts.

Okello says “education in the 21st century should focus on equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed in the new world such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration to mention a few. It must be one that recognizes the rapid transition from the information age to the experience age.”

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As such, he added, Maarifasasa believes that just as tablet computers and smartphones have been incredible platforms for education innovations in the information age, Virtual Reality headsets will very soon become the primordial platform of the experience age alongside other mixed reality headsets and tools.

Dubbed VirtualSasa, the solution takes learners out of the four walls of the classroom and places them into the unlimited possibilities of engaging learning environments bringing their creativity, passion, and potential to full life.

VirtualSasa in action

Okello will represent his company at the fete.

“As a company, we are very much looking forward to building new relationships and friendships, sharing our EdTech impact solutions with the investor community and forging new partnerships.” Says the hopeful founder. “KFF is a fantastic opportunity to learn from other impact entrepreneurs, engage with impact investors and collectively devise ways to scale solutions that impact more lives and make our world a little better, and be inspired to be dreamers who do!” Okello said in the statement.


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