4 differences between Bluetooth and wireless mouse

Differences between Bluetooth and wireless mouse

Should you choose a Bluetooth mouse or a wireless mouse? But wait, isn’t a Bluetooth mouse a wireless mouse? They both have no wires, right?

Before getting confused, let’s dive into the possible differences between these popular computer pointing devices.

From basics, we understand any cordless version of a device as its wireless version. And for this case, the term wireless mouse encompasses all cordless mice including the Bluetooth versions that are a preferred type.

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Choosing a wireless mouse is a choice between a Bluetooth mouse and the version of wireless mice that come with a USB dongle commonly referred to as Radio Frequency (RF) mouse.

Below are the 4 differences between a Bluetooth and a wireless mouse;

1. When it comes to connecting

RF mice may be slightly more responsive and are much easier to set up. All you need to do is simply plug in the dongle and your mouse will be connected.

The only downside to this is that you lose one of your USB ports which will now be occupied all the time the mouse is in use.

Bluetooth mice, on the other hand, are more convenient and can easily be shared among several computers.

In simple terms, a Bluetooth mouse connects via your computer’s Bluetooth signal. The downside is that configuring one takes you a few steps. Whenever your device is boots or wakes, you might need to wait for the mouse to get activated.

2. Added equipment

The other difference between a Bluetooth and a wireless mouse is on add-ons. Most RF wireless mice are paired specifically to the dongle with which they were packaged.

This means that if the dongle is lost or damaged beyond repair, the mouse itself is essentially useless and must be replaced.

A Bluetooth mouse has no additional equipment it comes with. As long as the Computer has Bluetooth, you can pair your different computers with that same mouse

3. Compatibility with other devices

A major point of difference between a Bluetooth and Wireless mouse is on how they interact with devices outside of laptops and desktop computers.

Any device that is compatible with Bluetooth peripherals can be paired to a Bluetooth mouse as long as it supports a Bluetooth mouse.

RF mice are limited strictly to devices with USB ports that can accommodate their dongles and are compatible with the mouse itself.

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4. Interoperability

An RF mouse can only connect to one device at a time. A Bluetooth mouse, on the other hand, provides interoperability with multiple devices as long as they have Bluetooth support and are compatible with the mouse.

Final Verdict

Both versions serve the same purpose and one version can be like over the other depending on the user.

If you have a bunch of unused USB ports and don’t mind dedicating one to your mouse, the RF mouse is the version for you.

However, if you prefer retaining your USB port or your computer has only a few USB ports, then the Bluetooth mouse should be your pick.

In simple terms, the Bluetooth mouse is a preferred version where the RF isn’t.


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