5 best ways to improve the sound on your TV

Improve the sound on your TV

LED TV, OLED TV, and QLED TV come to mind whenever one looks to improve their TV experience.

But the picture quality shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Sound is also crucial for a great TV experience.

For movie lovers, some movies, especially horror films rely heavily on sound to deliver.

If you are looking to improve the sound on your TV system, below is a few easy ways to get you started and some don’t even require spending a coin.

1. Change the TV placement

TV placement matters especially when it comes to where the inbuilt speakers are situated.

It is always ideal to place the TV on a stand/table a few meters away from the ground.

TV speakers should be directly in line with the viewer. The table surface always helps in bouncing the sound coming from the TV set and this adds a virtual surround effect.

2. Play with the audio settings

The second way you can improve the sound on your TV is by playing with the audio settings and the equalizer.

Your TV’s default audio settings might not always sound good.

Twitching them up a bit might improve the sound. It might take a bit of trial and error, but the aim is to balance the bass, treble and other audio settings so you can hear without straining.

3. Point the speaker to your face

For one to get the best out of their speakers, they must be pointing towards you. Unfortunately, most TVs have speakers situated at the back.

Should this be the case, then you might need to spend some money to improve this. Here’s how;

4. Add a separate speaker system

With just as low as Shs150,000 you can get yourself an external speaker system to fix your sound issues.

As you purchase your speakers, always look out for audio capabilities. 5.1-channel Dolby Digital is the audio standard for High Definition TV and is available on many popular television series and music specials as well as most HD sports broadcasts.

Soundbars are the ideal complement to a sleek Flat screen TV. One thin horizontal speaker can now do the work of a surround-sound audio system. Always make sure your TVs picture quality matches the sound that comes out of it.

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If one speaker isn’t enough, get a subwoofer system.

Place the subwoofer in its position and play a movie or video with deep bass effects, and crawl around the room until you find several possible locations where you hear bass that is deep, smooth and powerful.

Mark these locations and move the speakers to these spots.

Use the rear speakers on your system as they were intended. Place them in the back of the room. Now sit in your chair or couch and listen to the deep bass.

It should sound just as it did in the locations you marked.

For lovers of superior quality, a Component Surround Sound System will do it for you.

You can customize your own system to fit your room and viewing needs with speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier.

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If you have a large room and you want big sound, build your own home theater system to match your quality TV.

5. Get headphones

Add lastly, the other viable option you can employ to improve the sound on your TV is to just skip the speakers and everything else and get headphones.

This option is specific to those with TVs that have blue-tooth capabilities. Using blue-tooth headphones might be a cheaper alternative to buying a speaker system.

But always remember that the higher the price the better the sound quality. This applies to speakers, headphones and other sound devices.

The above-mentioned options should be enough to help you improve the sound on your TV. If you need help buying a sound device such as a speaker system, a separate post outlining the ultimate guide to purchasing speakers that suit room will be available here soon.


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