Inside NWSC ICT plan to enhance water service delivery

Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the NWSC managing director

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has revealed the acquiring of a new technology that is expected to filter and clean water. According to the country’s water providers, the new technology will also monitor the quality of water throughout the Corporation’s pipe network.

Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the NWSC managing director said the acquired technologies will improve the quality and increase the quantity of the water supply for consumers across the country.

The new system will biologically detect the level of pollution in the water, purify it for domestic use and also treat the water with slow sand filtration.

“We are going to install a new ICT technology to monitor water efficiency, to detect water overflow, detect possible dirt in the water and purify the water to make it safe for drinking and domestic use,” said Dr. Mugisha.

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Addressing participants at the Pan African Summit held at Serena Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday, Dr. Mugisha said other innovations they intend to introduce include; assembling their prepaid water meters by developing the software which can be mounted on the meters so as to cut costs of importing the meters and paying for the software.

“And we are determined to expand the use of ICT and innovations to improve water service delivery in the country,” he said, adding that they [NWSC] are willing to support young innovators.

Mr. Ronald Kibuule, the state minister for Water said the use of technology to enhance water service delivery would go a long way to improve the internal billing system and increase water expansion.

“I am impressed by the corporation performance parameters because this has seen an extension of services to the people across the country,” said Mr. Kibuule. He urged NWSC to also in future provide household scale treatment technologies because they have a proven method for improving water quality and have been widely used in developing countries.

“The benefit of decentralized technology is that it is flexible and is generally more affordable than large-scale centralized systems,” said Mr. Kibuule.


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