How to install Google services on your Huawei phone

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With a ban on Google application services coming pre-installed on Huawei smartphones evident on the latest releases, one may wonder how to go over it.  Huawei seemed to have found a solution with the announcement of the Huawei Mobile Services, the perfect alternative to Google.

But the actual feel of the substitute does not equate to the reality, and one would really wish to have a Google app on their phone than an alternative. That is why we are diving into the option of loading the Google apps and services over an app. This is as indicated by a German blog.

How to install Google services on Huawei phone

To install Google mobile services on your Huawei smartphone, you just need the Chat Partner app. In less than 5 minutes, you just need to follow a few steps that will help you achieve this.

First, download, install and start the Chat Partner app. You should then follow the instructions in the app. These are: Detect device, Repair Now, and Activate.

Then, enter your Google account and exit the process with “Complete”. After this, restart the phone and then log in to the installed Google Play Store (again) with a Google account.

You are then free to create additional Google accounts or install Google Apps via the Play Store.

Restrictions and precautions

Those that have used the app claim that it is basically a script with the necessary applications that are necessary for the Google Mobile Services. There are no reports of any restrictions.

However, this method also has some known limitations. Digital Rights Management (DRM) from Google is missing despite streaming services still working. Also Google Pay does not work. Like you would expect, one can’t use it without an official Google license.

You also need to log in again via the app so that the device is registered. Otherwise, it fails and a Play Protect error is displayed. It is also recommended that you enable Google 2-factor authentication on your mail if you have security concerns.

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