How to hide your chats using WhatsApp GB

Hide chats using whatsapp GB

In our previous article, we detailed how someone could easily hack your chats on WhatsApp using different tools.

But you can be able to avert some of the hacking techniques by keeping your chats private using Whatsapp GB.

WhatsApp GB is another version of WhatsApp that offers more exciting features.

In this piece, we shall take you through simple steps on how to completely hide your chats from people who might want to check your WhatsApp without your approval.

But before we go into how you can keep your chats private using GB WhatsApp, let’s first show you how you can do it with the normal WhatsApp.

Using the normal WhatsApp, you can use the Archive Feature to hide a contact from the chat list so that someone holding your phone can’t see it.

It will only appear when you receive a message from that contact.

Here’s how you hide a contact:

1. First, launch the WhatsApp application on your phone.

2. Long press and hold the chat you would like to archive.

3. Tap the archive icon at the top-right corner of the screen as in the picture below.

WhatsApp Archive


When it comes to iPhones, all you need to do is, swipe to the left, and it will display an option of archiving that particular contact.

Tap on it and the chat will be hidden.

Important to note about archiving is that when the archived contact sends a message, WhatsApp will automatically unarchive the message.

So, if you’re unlucky and the person you want to hide the chats from is holding the phone, they’ll see the message.

But with Whatsapp GB, this is not possible.

With WhatsApp GB, when you received a message, a notification will pop up, reading: WhatsApp has a new messageunlike the former which displays a name.

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Hide your chats private using WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp GB chats are protected by a customized pattern. (The app is not available on Play Store or App Store, so you can access through other platforms.)

After downloading WhatsApp GB, below are the steps you will follow to hide your chats:

1. Launch the application on your phone

2. Long press and hold the chat you want to hide from the WhatsApp chat list.

WhatsApp GB

3. Tap the three vertically aligned dots on the top right corner of the phone screen and select the ‘Hide’ option.

 4. After you will see the interface prompting you to draw your pattern as below.

After you have drawn the pattern, immediately the contact shall be hidden from the rest of the chat list. (This pattern will work for every chat you want to archive.)

When all this has been done, you will be redirected to the chats interface.

When you check, the hidden contact is no longer on the chat list.

Even when you try to search for the chat, it will not show you results, thereby certifying that the chat has been hidden. (See the picture below.)

In order to access the hidden chat in your WhatsApp GB, get back to the normal interface and then tap the location where your username is displayed.

In this case, the username in the picture is Main man.

 When you tap on the username (Main man), an interface is displayed prompting you to draw a pattern so that you get access to the hidden chat(s).

After you have drawn the pattern, the ‘hidden chat’ section will open and you will be able to see the hidden chat.

It will also bare the icon ‘hidden’ engraved on the chat slightly below the time stamp.

Tap on the chat and you will be able to continue any conversation with the particular contact.

When you are done, you can always go back to other chats as the messages won’t stop coming in because you are in the ‘hidden chart’ section.

Worth noting is that you can hide as many chats as possible in this space.

The chats are normally hidden for various reasons known to the owner of the phone.


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