Muwado: The African social network that pays its users


We are in the digital age, an era of being social and networking with those we build relations with. There are a lot of social networking sites and apps available today, many of which have millions of users. But the list we know of comprises of makes from the West, and some from the far East. We looked out for any available African social network and we found something unique about the result we got – Muwado.

Muwado is an African social networking site that lets users create content, share stories and detail experiences. The differentiating factor from the other lot is that it puts you first, when it comes to the benefits. Founded by Byagaba Roland, the network is purely for the African market, though the rest of the world is welcome too. We talked to him and he has an interesting story to tell.

Roland says his team applies the ‘philosophies of ubuntu and wealth redistribution’ to the social networking business model. This is in order to crack capitalism for the native creative economy, as robots are taking over the formal sector.

“There’s so much content produced and the people that benefit from it are the founders, their staff, and the established influencers. We are trying to make a case for the content creators too having a share of the money. That’s a vision for Muwado.”

He stresses the point that some content creation platforms marginalize creators from developing regions, favoring those from well established settings.

How to sign up on Muwado

To create an account, you can go here, where you will be required to enter details about yourself in a form. These are your username, email address, password, and a few notes to describe you.

You then need to agree to the terms set and prove that you are not a robot to set up the account. Then, you are required to check your email to activate the account.

Muwado features

Once you login in to the network, some of the features you can find on the platfrom include the traditional ones like status updatesgroupsevents. You can comment and favorite anything you find amusing.

– Byagaba Roland (@niwaroll) October 10, 2019

You can also find forums which capture conversations from across the continent and helping users discover their different cultures. In this are the Kaboozi sessions  where users interact with different people that are doing interesting things with their lives and would like to share their experiences.

How do users get paid on Muwado?

As long as you are creative, you stand a huge chance here. Like the way fine wine betters with age, so does content. Muwado plans on reaching out to multitudes across the world through the content you create, from which it will pay you a handsome share of the profits.

You can actually piece up your content to the platform, grow with it and let it build the kind of capacity where the finances start to make sense. Muwado should able to share with you whatever revenue they earn from all this content.

The advantage you gain from this? There is no exclusivity.

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