What you need to get an ePassport in Uganda

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At the beginning of 2019, Uganda joined fellow East African countries to start issuing ePassports.

The first batch of more than 20,000 passports was brought in the country in December 2018.

Below is what you need to get an ePassport in Uganda.


To get an ordinary ePassport, you’ll part with Shs250,000

Government officials will pay Shs400,000 to get an e-passport

A Diplomatic e-passport will cost Shs500,000

If you want to get an ePassport on the express arrangement, you will cough Shs500,000.

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Filled forms

An individual looking to process their ePassport will have to fill an online form that is available for download on the Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

The person will then have to visit an Immigration Centre in their locality in order to verify their data against the data from the NIRA database.

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This is done after paying the ePassport application fee listed above.

Ugandan National ID

Another thing you will need to get an ePassport is the national ID.

In order to verify and retrieve your data from the NIRA database, applicants will be required to have their data existing in the NIRA database.

As such every applicant must have a national ID.

This new process will replace the old procedure whereby an applicant is required to fill two forms and have them endorsed by three LC chairpersons along with two security officers.

There will be no need for applicants to go through the old long process of having to verify your information and obtaining letters.

This ePassport application process will also rely on data already acquired by NIRA during the process of obtaining a national ID.


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