4 ways to save on Umeme Yaka bills

save on Umeme Yaka bills

Now that you know how to pay Yaka using mobile money and how to load the token on the Yaka meter, let’s look at how to save on Umeme Yaka bills (i.e. using the power as conservatively as possible.)

Unlike in the previous years where Umeme would charge you for the power you’ve used for a month, these days you can determine how much you want to spend on electricity.

So below we look at ways through which you can save on Umeme Yaka bills by using electricity wisely.

1. When cooking

Instead of using an electric oven, opt for a microwave oven since it consumes less power.

Also, when cooking always cover the cooking utensils like saucepans or pots so that most of the steam is maintained in the pan rather than letting it out.

This will reduce the time spent cooking.

Microwaves cook food from the outside edge toward the center of the dish, so if you’re cooking more than one item, place larger and thicker items on the outside.

2. Lighting

Use fluorescent light bulbs since they save more energy. In some places, where do you don’t need a lot of light, opt for electric lamps instead of overhead lights.

Always clean your bulbs since the dust and other coatings absorb most of the light hence poor transmission.

After charging a lamp, unplug the socket from the wall since it will still consume power when left unplugged.

Lastly, always use natural lighting from the sun during the day and turn off all lights in the house during the day.

So how you use your lights will determine how you will save on Umeme Yaka bills.

3. Fridges

Closing the fridge door and making sure its seal is tightly working ensures no escape of cold air hence reduced energy consumption.

Do not put uncovered liquids in the refrigerator. The liquids give off vapors that add to the compressor workload.

Before cooked food is put into the fridge, always allow it to cool. Hot foods give off steam which increases the workload of the fridge hence more energy needed.

Clean both inside and outside the fridge once or twice every week to avoid dirt on the coils. The dirt increases the energy needed to disperse coldness to the contents of the fridge.

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Buy a fridge that is equivalent to the contents you want to refrigerate. If it is too large, then you are wasting energy.

4. Computers, radios, TVs, and charging

The way you use gadgets in your house will also affect how you save on Umeme Yaka bills

Avoid turning off radios/TVs using the remote alone. Always plug out the cables from the wall sockets as well. Leaving them plugged in consumes power as well.

Always remember to shut down computers when you are done using them. Leaving them on means they’ll keep consuming power hence a short period in charging intervals.


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