StarTimes Go: Shopping online as you watch TV

startimes go

As customers find difficult in accessing some of the products and services they could only get in shops, companies are drawing plans to reach them easily. Pay television provider StarTimes has unveiled an interactive online shopping platform dubbed StarTimes GO.

According to the company, the platform will offer the public access to an enhanced shopping experience through integrated services available via television, online and through calls.

The online platform is called the StarTimes Go Mall, from where one can purchase products ranging from digital TVs, solar accesories, decoders, and other accessories – all at a discount. It is not yet clear whether the site will have more features or strictly StarTimes products.

There is also a likelihood that the service will be accessible through the company’s streaming platform called StarTimes ON. So basically, as you watch content on the StarTimes ON app, you will see things from StarTimes GO to buy.

While shopping on the mall, customers will also have the option to pay a deposit based on the total product cost with the balance cleared upon receipt of their preferred product. Installation and activation will then be done by accredited technical personnel.

One can also make a call to +256701117217 or +256781958367 and can expect delivery of their products within 48 hours.

We shall wait to see how the service rolls out and what comes of it after the coronavirus lockdown.

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