Top new features to get you excited about Android 9 ‘Pie’

Andriod 9 Pie

Google has released a new smarter version of Android that it promises will make your phone truly smart. This new version is the ninth version of the OS and Google is calling it Android Pie (also codenamed Android P). As part of the launch of Android 9, Google said this version will have artificial intelligence integrated into it.  With AI, the OS will be able to learn from you and have usage tailored specifically to the user.  Your phone will now have an element of prediction and suggest apps you might want to view.

Adaptive battery feature

The first feature to look out for is the new adaptive battery feature. This feature studies your phone and learns how you use the apps over time. The feature will prioritize battery for those apps you use most. The feature also brings an adaptive brightness that learns how you use the brightness settings and will automatically display based on previous brightness levels.

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A new dashboard is also coming to your Android device that shows you how much time you are spending on it. This is as a result of the growing need to ensure users are aware of the time they are spending online and how to reduce it. Tech companies are calling this digital wellbeing. Google will now avail you with a usage dashboard that monitors your activities.

Google will, in fact, add an app timer that lets people set limits on the apps and greys out the icon on the home screen when the time is up so you don’t see it when using your phone.

Screenshot tool

Users will also have a new screenshot tool that lets them edit their screenshots right after taking them. Google understands your need to edit screenshots right away and is availing a tool for you to do just that. A notification will be sent to you immediately after taking the screenshot so you can get started.

A new settings menu with an improved design is also coming your way. In addition to this, notifications will now have a new rounded design. Prepare to have rounded corners on notifications and the quick settings panel at the top of the notifications panel.

Magnification box

In order to improve visibility, Android Pie will now add a magnification box that lets you see magnified text each time your cursor moves over it and while viewing previews of messages, all images embedded within the messages will be previewed as well.

For lovers of multitasking, Android Pie will not display stacks of app previews like previous versions did. Instead, single previews that are placed next to each other will be displayed to show previous apps.

When to expect Android Pie on your device

Google Pixel smartphones already have access to Android Pie. However, other Android smartphones like Samsung will have this update by the end of the year.


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