How to easily top up your cashless account with a SafeBoda

top up casless account with safeboda

For a frequent SafeBoda user, the term Cashless is not any news. It refers to SafeBoda’s digital wallet, on which customers are able to deposit money and use it to carry out transactions on the SafeBoda app. As much it sounds far fetched, with many finding ease in using cash on their daily errands, the cashless account here is so productive.

With it, as long as a customer has credit on their Cashless account, they are able to carry out a number of transactions. These include taking rides at a 20% discount, something you will not get for Cash rides; Buying yourself and your friends airtime and getting 4% cash back; as well as sending package on SafeBoda and tracking how far it’s gone.

Why then wouldn’t you opt for Cashless? Previously, customers could top up their Cashless account in various ways. Such as with Mobile Money, as well as with the recent alternative of sharing cashless with another SafeBoda user.

To top up with Mobile Money, you open your SafeBoda app, tap TOP UP and follow prompts. Every mobile transaction attracts a small charge based on the amount topped up. Sharing Cashless requires you to just tap the SHARE  button on the home menu and follow the prompts.

And now, SafeBoda is effecting a new way to top up, that is with a SafeBoda. Any SafeBoda can top up a passenger or customer’s Cashless account in exchange for an equal amount of money – as simple as that. It is convenient, you incur no transaction charges, and above all, it is instant.

How to Top up your cashless account with a SafeBoda

In three steps, you can top up your cashless account with a SafeBoda on the instant.

Step 1: Make a request to a SafeBoda to top up their Cashless account

Step 2: The SafeBoda initiates the transaction on his app.

Step 3: You receive a notification of the transaction, and give the SafeBoda an equal amount of money transferred to your Cashless account.

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