Uganda police starts construction of innovation center

Uganda police-owned innovation center

Uganda police is constructing its own research and innovation in Kikandwa, Wakiso district. The groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by the Inspector General of Police J.M Okoth Ochola on Monday.

According to a Monday statement seen by SautiTech, the innovation center will host developers who’ll create software and other tools needed in advancing security in the country.

The project is being undertaken by Huawei technologies limited and, according to the statement, it’ll be completed in eight months.

Police says this initiative is part of the Safe City Project.

“The ICT Research and Innovation center will be a hub of ICT innovations for security agencies. All software will be in house developed from the center and then systems deployed basing on software developed by our own police officers,” said Ochola, according to the statement.

“The structure is part of the Safe City Project that started in June 2018. It will house the main control units of the system which include crime monitoring center, emergency center 999/112, data analysis, data center and traffic monitoring center,” adds the statement.

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The police-owned innovation center will be equipped with computers in the four laboratories with each having more than 60 seats to facilitate electronic learning for police officers.

On the same day, IGP Ochola also launched the construction of the National Command Center that will be used in monitoring CCTV cameras.

“The command center structure is the heart of C4I that is, command, control, communication, coordination and intelligence for Uganda Police Force in cooperation with sister security agencies. It is where the videos, data and voice of the CCTV and other systems will be monitored from. Therefore, it is a vital structure that will house critical installations.” Mr. Okoth Ochola said during the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the National Command Centre at Police headquarters Naguru.


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