How to use the standard USB flash drive on a USB type-C port

you can insert usb flash drive into usb type-c port

Some ultra-books today such as Dell XPS 13, 14 and 15, Razer Blade Stealth, Apple MacBooks, Huawei MateBooks, LG Gram, Lenovo ThinkPads,  Microsoft Surface laptops and many more come with USB type c ports. In fact some MacBooks and MateBooks come with only USB type-c ports. So should you throw away your standard USB Flash drive? No you shouldn’t.

This is why; Can you use the standard USB flash drive on a type-C USB port? Yes, you can but you can’t do this directly.

While the two ports greatly differ both in size and capability, the USB type c can support and read from a standard USB flash drive. The only problem is that your standard USB flash drive is bigger in size and can’t fit into the type c port. But with the help of other accessories, this can be fix;

Get a USB flash drive to type-C adapter

usb flash drive to type-c adapter

An adapter is relatively cheap, small in size and easy to carry. To use this, you just need to plug your standard flash drive in one end of the adapter and then insert the adapter into the type c port on your laptop or computer. Then you are good to go.

Get a dock/Type C Hub

usb hub


Type docks are slightly more expensive, bigger in size but a very flexible. The advantage they have over adapters is that one dock can house over 7 different ports for you to use.

Both the adapter and the type c hub are used in the same way; the user only pugs in at one end and connects the other end to a laptop or computer. When using an adapter, you can only read from a single standard flash drive at a time, while the hub allows you to connect and from multiple standard flash drive, connect to an external display and lots more.

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