Westerwelle calls African startups to apply for 2019 Founders Programme

WesterWelle Startup Haus

The Westerwelle Foundation has unveiled the agenda for the Spring 2019 Westerwelle Young Founders Programme and the deadline for application is January 9, 2018.

Westerwelle is a German non-profit which aims to promote entrepreneurship and collaboration among innovators in emerging markets.

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme is a fully funded 6-month-long programme for young entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries.

The programme aims to connect young founders from all over the world with each other and with the Berlin startup scene and support them in further developing their entrepreneurial skills and their international network.

Twice a year (Spring and Autumn), 25 entrepreneurs start the programme by attending the Young Founders Conference in Berlin.

In 2018, eight African entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana were part of 23 participants from 14 countries that took part in the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme Autumn 2018.

To be considered for the programme, applicants must have in the last five years started a for-profit company with a scalable business model that has achieved a product-market fit.

In addition, prospective applicants must ideally have secured their first external funding for their firm.

Some of the benefits include exposure, mentorship and attending the Young Founders Conference in Berlin, Germany between 2 and 6 April.


The Westerwelle Foundation recently opened a business and tech incubation hub called Startup Haus in Kigali.


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