How anyone can easily hack your WhatsApp account

hack your WhatsApp account

As a messaging service, WhatsApp has eased communication in countless ways. But it has also been one of the platforms easily exploited by cybercriminals.

One of the glaring downsides of WhatsApp is that someone can easily hack your WhatsApp account, follow all your conversations without you ever noticing.

There are a number of ways in which someone can hack your WhatsApp account. Though none of the methods of hacking WhatsApp requires high-tech skills, the process involves awful risks.

The easiest way of hacking someone’s WhatsApp account, perhaps, is scanning the QR Code using WhatsApp web.

If someone wants to hack your WhatsApp account, they will just need to time when you’ve left your mobile phone behind and they link it to their PC to start reading your messages.

Alternatively, if a person is your friend and you’re seated next to each other, they can ask for your phone to ‘check out something’ yet they want to connect it to their PC to tap your chats.

Using TheTruthSpy to hack your WhatsApp account

This could be the most popular spy phone software used by hackers to access people’s information going by Google searches.

TheTruthSpy doesn’t only enable hacking WhatsApp, even other messaging services.

Using this application, someone can hack your WhatsApp account and spy on you remotely without you ever detecting it.

It can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users.

To use it, the hacker needs an internet connection and they have to first install it on the victim’s phone.

After downloading and installing TheTruthSpy on the victim’s phone, the app’s features enable the hacker to hide it so that you can’t tell it was installed on your phone.

The hacker will also have the app on his or her phone to able to follow your WhatsApp activity.

The app has a free trial version; you can buy the premium version after the trial period.

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Features of TruthSpy

Undetectable: When we are tracking/spying, it is paramount that we do not get caught by the victims.

TruthSpy will update you about the victims and they will not know they are being tracked.

This makes it the safest software for spying on WhatsApp.

GPS tracking: The software updates the hacker on the GPS location of the WhatsApp hacked phone and gives a continuous update.

This can be a plus point if you want to know where your children and spouse have been hanging around, behind your back.

Reads messages instantly: TheTruthSpy gives you constant updates about the messages that are being exchanged from a certain phone and you cannot miss out on anything whether you are logged into your account or not.

TruthSpy can also be used to spy over other messaging platforms like Skype, Viber, Line and Hangouts.

Call logs: TheTruthSpy also allows the hacker to know all the people the victim has been in touch with.

One will be able to review all the call history and also the exact data and time these calls were made or initiated.

View multimedia: TruthSpy allows you to check every multimedia messages that have been sent or received using WhatsApp.

You can view photos, videos and audio files. You may also read document files that have been exchanged through the platform.

Recorded calls: This is a rare feature for a spying software, but it is possible with TruthSpy.

This app allows you to listen to all recorded audio and video calls that have been made using WhatsApp.

Using MAC spoofing to hack your WhatsApp account

MAC or Media access control is a unique address of 12 characters given to a mobile device.

Once someone accesses it, they will be to hack your WhatsApp account.

But to get it, someone needs to first access your phone.

Below is how to check the MAC:

Android – settings> go to “about phone”> status> look in WI-FI MAC address

iPhone – go to settings> general> about> look for the address

Windows phone– follows the same steps but look for the more info for the address

Blackberry– options> go to device> status info> look for WLAN MAC

After obtaining your MAC, the hacker will uninstall the WhatsApp on their phone, substitute your MAC with theirs and reinstall WhatsApp on his phone to follow your conversations.

When he or she no longer wants to tap your conversations, they’ll change the address again.

Other methods someone can employ to hack your WhatsApp account are using the Root Explorer in Google Play and decrypting and reading information from your WhatsApp backup file.

Someone can also hack your WhatsApp account via catch WhatsApp Notification but this can only be done by Android developers using this code.

Key things to notes about WhatsApp hacks

People hack WhatsApp accounts for different reasons; some want to monitor their spouses, others their children, others workers and security agents to spy on a suspect. The list goes on.

There are no clear-cut answers to tell if your WhatsApp account has been hacked. Suggestions like changes in phone behavior (temperature hikes and first battery death) can be due to various causes.

That being said, to avoid risking your WhatsApp account, always lock all your apps, embrace WhatsApp 2-Factor authentication, avoid public Wi-Fi, block installation from unknown software.

And, more importantly, when you give out your phone to someone, observe their activity or never give it out at all.


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