Top utilities you should download on your Windows device

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Utilities are just tools that you can use to make your Windows experience better.

They are designed to carry out specific tasks not performed by the operating system such as anti-virus software, disk management, etc.

These below are the top four utilities that you should have on your Windows device to compliment and improve your user experience:


The EarTrumpet app lets you switch output from your device to a specific medium on your device.

It lets you control app volumes individually allowing you to switch between default audio devices by dragging and dropping outputs within it interface similar to the default volume tray.

It allows you to have music from YouTube coming through the ear phones while sound from your music player comes from the device’s speakers or the other way round.


Groupy is a utility that enables you to have different folders open in the same window and offers you a tabbed interface so you can easily switch and explore numerous folders quickly and easily.

Groupy also allows you to create tabs for the Windows apps you are running into one single Window to ease navigation between the apps.

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To use the app, one simply drags an app over another app’s title bar, and a group is created.


ShareX is a free, open-source customizable windows screenshotting/snipping tool that can record GIFs as well.

It is a very powerful tool for users looking to capture content displayed on their screens and allows you to add features such as annotations, add watermarks, capture web pages, capture scrolling, and more.

The app also lets users create their own keyboard shortcuts for its features.


Ditto is an alternative tool for the default Windows clipboard. It acts as a memory and stores the last few things you have copied for you to easily paste them.

It saves all the items copied to the clipboard allowing you to access the items at a later time. What makes it better is its ability to go back beyond the last one item you copied which is what the default copy and paste tool do.

It is super convenient and doesn’t take up much of your memory. Ditto also allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, HTML, custom formats, etc.

Windows is currently working on having the above utilities inbuilt as default tools on Windows devices and should be passed on to users in future through upcoming Windows 10 updates.


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