5 tips for boosting your Wi-Fi

Boosting home WI-FI

Routers today have become a household necessity. This is because the internet has become a basic need among individuals. With the presence of too many social network sites and applications, news blogs, video streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube, E-commerce sites like Jumia, Amazon, eBay, Kilimall etc., the internet cannot be avoided.

The continuous reduction in prices for devices like modems and routers has also contributed to the increasing usage of the internet. In Uganda, telecoms like MTN will give you a router at Shs149,000 which comes with an unlimited basic bundle. Other telecoms will give you a different offer that might be cheaper or slightly higher than this. In order to get the best out of the router, the following tips should be followed.

1. Reboot your router

The first tip for improving your router performance is by ensuring you reboot the router at least once a day or more times. This lets the router cool down, preventing it from overheating which always reduces its productivity. Your router should also be allowed to rest.

2. Position your router at a central point

Another tip to be followed is locating the router in a central position of the house away from interference by other material. This is one of the easiest ways to improve Wi-Fi coverage. This often increases your Wi-Fi range because the Wi-Fi signal spreads omnidirectionally. Other devices that should be kept far from the router include microwaves, juice blenders, printers, etc., which cause interference to the router.

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3. Set password

Another helpful tip for improving router performance is by giving your network a name, setting a password and limiting the number of users who can connect to it simultaneously. You can also block devices that seem to be consuming a lot of your bandwidth.

4. Signal booster

For people using routers in big houses, it is always difficult for the router signals to reach every room in the house.  A signal booster device can be purchased that sends signals to other rooms that the original router couldn’t reach. These devices are commonly called “repeaters” because they take the Wi-Fi signal from your router and repeat it to improve area coverage.

5. USB connectivity

The router can also be put to good use through utilizing its ports. Routers usually come with USB ports showing that they can do more than broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. Depending on your router model, the USB port can be used to connect an external hard drive (this will be available as network storage to all connected devices on Wi-Fi making it easy to share content) or to connect a printer (this will make the printer wireless and share it for anyone on the network).

All the above serve as a means for improving your router’s performance. Another precaution you might need to follow is continuously changing your Wi-Fi password every after a while to ensure the network is always secure and inaccessible to your neighbors.


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