Ruyonga, Mbonye followers celebrate MTN troubles

Elvis Mbonye

As telecommunications giant MTN Uganda grapples with the scandals that have recently hit them, a section of social media users who follow Prophet Elvis Mbonye have launched what appears to be a revenge campaign (paradoxical, huh).

One of the glaring posts has been from the rapper Edwin Ruyonga. Ruyonga, whose “love message” on Facebook doesn’t mention MTN but subtly alludes to it, says the company would have avoided its current troubles if it had heeded Mbonye’s prophecy in 2017.

Elvis Mbonye’s followers also like calling themselves remnants. According to the remnants, the opulent preacher predicted that MTN would soon be rocked by unpleasant events.

“I see MTN Uganda in the spotlight and not for a good reason,” Mbonye said, according to remnants.

A short period from that prophesy, Mbonye Fellowship organized an extravagant event dubbed ‘Honoring Prophet Mbonye’ which attracted public and media attention after the celebrated sports journalist Joseph Kabuleta was pictured kissing the pastor’s shoes.

From that event, creatives at MTN Uganda generated a banner for one of their mobile money campaigns, MoKash, which remnants have since claimed mocked Elvis Mbonye.

Now, with MTN Uganda wrestling with the current storm, Ruyonga says: “If Prophet Elvis says something is going to happen, it’s GOING to happen. It’s been tested, recorded and put online HUNDREDS of times.

“Listening to him is advisable. Ignoring him is disadvantageous enough. Ignoring him AND mocking him just seems to even the most LOGICAL perspective to be inexcusable stupidity.

“This is a Prophet of God. The Moses kind. The Elijah kind. The Elisha kind. Earth. Wind. FIRE!”

Another who goes by the name Emmy Em on Facebook, conclude his post, saying: “As for MTN-Uganda, looks like there are troubles everywhere you go! I guess that’s what you get for being a smart-arse!”

Below are some of the posts:

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